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How to become an Information Security Expert with the CISSP Certification

It is one of the most famous certifications present in the information security field. This certification is recognized globally all over the world. It is helpful for the individuals interested to boost up their career in this field.

The CISSP certification proves the knowledge and skills of an individual in understanding all the aspects of information security. It validates an individual’s skills, mainly in designing, executing, managing, and controlling the business environment.

To achieve the CISSP certification, you need a sufficient amount of preparation. The failure rate of the CISSP certification is as high as 80%. Therefore, the availability of CISSP certified professionals is way less compared to their demand.

So, it is an incredible chance to pursue the CISSP certification. This certification is very crucial and helps achieve career objectives. It also increases your salary prospects and helps you find higher job positions. This certification is also accepted by the IAM and IAT of the US Department of defence.

CISSP Certification Topics/Concepts

Given below are the list of concepts or topics that are important for the CISSP certification exam.

  • Access control systems
  • Cryptography
  • Asset Security
  • Security Management Practices
  • Security Engineering
  • Access and Identity management
  • Security operations
  • Security and risk management
  • Disaster recovery
  • Business continuity
  • Communications and network security
  • Investigation laws and ethics

All the crucial areas of the information security systems are covered by all of these domains. These are the concepts that are thoroughly defined in the CBK. This guide is essential for the preparation for the CISSP exam. It enables one to get a clearer idea of all the concepts.

CISSP Certification prerequisites and exam

You have to complete these conditions of the exam to obtain the CISSP certification.

  • 5 years of permanent work experience across the 2 domains of CISSP CBK
  • 4 years of a college degree in exchange for 1year of work experience
  • The applicants taking clearing the CISSP certification without completing the prerequisites will receive the associate of ISC2 certification. If they are successful at completing the requirements with the five years of clearing the exam, then they will obtain the CISSP certification.

The CISSP exam lasts for 6 hours, and it includes around 250 questions. It is a difficult exam to crack, although, with an adequate amount of skills, knowledge, and commitment, you can easily clear the exam. Besides, the skills and knowledge that you obtained from the course are proved to the employers through this certification. It also demonstrates your passion, determination, and dedication towards your profession. Therefore, it is useful for acquiring a high-level job post or position in any company.

Advantages of the CISSP Certification

This certification provides one with countless benefits. It enables you to attain your dream profession. Besides, you also get a chance to acquire a high-level job position in the information security field. This certification is only cleared by a few dedicated individuals. However, it looks like a tough and difficult certification to crack, the merits or advantages of obtaining this certification are numerous:

Increasing demand for CISSP Certified Professionals

Since no company is safe from cyber threats, so the demand for information security experts is high. The CISSP certified professionals are skilled at defending the company against the attacks of the hackers. These certified experts ensure the security of the personal information of a company. They are also in charge of designing and building an information security system that keeps the information of the company safe at all times and prevents the leakage of data.

Better Income

It is one of the toughest and recognized certifications in the information security field. The professionals with the CISSP certification receive a higher income than that of the uncertified individuals.

Globally Acknowledged

The CISSP certification is highly acknowledged all over the world. This certification proves that your skills and knowledge match the global standard. Therefore, any individual wishing to boost up their career in a foreign country can opt for this certification.

Increases employee value

CISSP certified professionals possess an immense amount of knowledge and skills in numerous areas of information security. It proves their potential and competency to complete their responsibilities effectively.

These are a few of the advantages that one receives after obtaining the CISSP certification. It is an incredible option that can help you to excel in this field.

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