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Tsingke: Your Trusted Provider of In Vitro Diagnostic Solutions

Tsingke is a leading provider of in vitro diagnostic (IVD) solutions, offering a wide range of products and services for disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment testing.  Tsingke caters to the diverse needs of IVD industry chain. Their stable quality products and high cost performance have earned recognition from thousands of customers in the diagnostic field. Tsingke’s commitment to true technological innovation and serving human health sets them apart as a trusted partner in the IVD industry.

Comprehensive Range of Upstream Raw Materials

As a key link in the IVDs industry chain, Tsingke offers a comprehensive range of upstream raw materials. Their products include Oligo, Quality Control Material, Protein, and Diagnostic Reagents. These high-performance materials are crucial for accurate and reliable diagnostic testing. Tsingke’s commitment to quality ensures that their upstream raw materials meet rigorous standards, enabling IVD companies to develop and manufacture diagnostic tests with confidence. By partnering with Tsingke, IVD companies gain access to high-quality materials that contribute to the overall excellence of their diagnostic products.

Expertise in Test Development and Production

Tsingke’s expertise in the development and production of diagnostic tests sets them apart in the IVD industry. Their multidisciplinary approach, combining biology, chemistry, and artificial intelligence, ensures the design and development of assays with high sensitivity and specificity. Tsingke’s dedicated and experienced developers guide the entire process, from the design stage to final production. They leverage critical fit-for-purpose materials that meet regulatory requirements and supply chain security, saving significant time and cost by minimizing changes during large-scale production. With Tsingke’s expertise, IVD companies can streamline their test development process and deliver high-quality diagnostic solutions to healthcare professionals and patients.


Tsingke, a trusted name in the IVD industry, offers comprehensive in vitro diagnostic solutions to companies worldwide. With a wide range of upstream raw materials and expertise in test development and production, Tsingke enables IVD companies to develop accurate and reliable diagnostic tests. Their commitment to quality and innovation ensures that customers receive stable and cost-effective products. By choosing Tsingke as their partner, IVD companies can enhance the excellence of their diagnostic solutions and contribute to improved disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment testing. Collaborate with Tsingke and experience the true technological innovation that drives advancements in the IVD field.

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