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What Aspects Can Judge The Quality Of Led Strip Light?

When led strip light products pursue low prices too much, they will give up the quality and performance of the products, making people mistakenly think that they spend a small amount of money to experience led lighting with the same effect. Low quality and low prices are very dangerous. Today, as a professional led strip light manufacturer, Ledia Lighting will teach you some tips to quickly determine the quality of led line lights.

Look at the product packaging and trademark outer packaging of genuinely led strip light: the rated voltage, voltage range, rated power, and other information should be marked on the packaging, as well as the brand trademark and related certification marks; the trademark printing quality on the outer packaging is good, the font is clear, It is not easy to fall off, and the trademark is still clearly recognizable even if wiped with a soft damp cloth; the printing quality of the trademark of the fake and inferior products is poor, the font is blurred, and the trademark of some products can be wiped off with a damp cloth; in addition, there are some inferior products on the outer packaging. There are no printed trademarks and associated certification marks at all.

Consider the choice of circuit boards: Is aluminum substrate better than fiberglass? Really good quality led strip light; most use aluminum substrates as circuit boards for light sources. Has the FRP sheet been la-belled as inferior? This is not true. Previously, I thought fiberglass board products were not quality products.

Looking at the working temperature under the working state, the temperature of the real line light of the led line light brand will not be too high, and it can be touched by hand. If the purchased product heats up significantly during work, it indicates a problem with its quality. In addition, if the light of the led strip light flashes, it also indicates that there is a problem with its quality. Looking at the electromagnetic interference situation in my country, electromagnetic compatibility is an important indicator for assessing whether electrical products are qualified. Therefore, consumers can choose led strip light. Check whether there is a relevant mark on the outer packaging that has passed the test.

After the explanation by professional technicians from Ledia Lighting, I learned that the quality of glass fiber board is even better than that of aluminum substrate. As long as the stability is good, whether it is an aluminum plate or a fiberglass board, it is a good circuit board.

Pay attention to the light color of the led. The light color of high-quality led lights must be the same, and there will be no yellow or other light colors. If you don’t know how to tell the difference, you can teach yourself a small method; only glowing on these lights and watching their light and color change can get you the answer you want. Due to the high brightness of led lights, under the same conditions, it is difficult to judge the brightness of two brands of lights of the same type, and it is also easy to damage the eyesight of the eyes. Usually, we recommend covering the light source with a piece of white paper, attenuating the light through the white paper, and then comparing so that it is easier to see the light of different brightness; the higher the brightness, the better.

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