What to consider if starting business in 2022

From one day to the next, the need to take control of one’s destiny resonates as obvious. For some future bosses, taking the step is all the easier when they have been mulling over an idea for months or even years. But for others, if the desire is there, the good idea is always waiting. It is for them that we have listed 50 innovative concepts unearthed abroad which are still not very widespread in our regions. It’s up to you to inspire yourself to become a successful entrepreneur!

Success is unimaginable without social medias and video platforms. TikTok, for example, has 1 billion downloads worldwide. That makes it the best place for brands to advertise their products. Therefore, using TikTok in your business is a must to do. You can actually buy instant TikTok followers from a trusted website and not spend time gaining popularity.

The party shop

The idea: Large retailers killed off the trick and treating stores, but the Party Fiesta franchise is resurrecting them in a modernized form with stores where you can find everything you need to throw a party.

How it works: Located in malls and city centers, Party Fiesta shops contain 10,000 different items ranging from fancy dress to paper plates. Sales margins are over 60% and the company promises a return on investment in less than three years.

Initial investment: average

Risks: low to medium

Potential return: $$$$$

The low-cost garden center

The idea: At a time of low-cost, Garden Price applies the recipes of hard discounters to the garden center. A buoyant concept with an overall gardening market up 3% annually, while consumers are ever more attentive to price.

Operation: Modest premises on the outskirts, limited staff and margins under pressure. Result: prices 20% to 30% lower than those of the competition.

Initial investment: average

Risks: medium

Potential return: $$

Make the crowd a sales force

The idea: On the crowdsourcing movement, some have imagined the use of Internet users to sell a product or give an opinion on something.

How it works: Site users specify the type of sale they are looking for and the fees they are willing to pay. Interested Internet users can then sell outside the site but return to the latter to collect their salary via PayPal.

Initial investment: low

Potential return: $$

A safe for digital data

The idea: Photos, documents, data… the digitization of information explodes the memory capacities of our computers. Why not create virtual safes for digital values? Wells Fargo has been doing this for a year in Silicon Valley.

How it works: For $4.95 per month, Wells Fargo vSafe rents the user a space of one gigabyte (10,000 Word documents). In addition to the very high level of access security inherited from banking IT, the institution backs up the information and guarantees its durability. The price seems decisive because ABN Amro, which launched a similar but more expensive service, will stop it.

Initial investment: high

Risks: medium

Potential return: $$$$$

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