A Short Guide on Data Breaches

Our daily lives revolve around the internet!  Today, it is vital for businesses to ensure they have a great internet connection.  But because of the increasing use of the internet, the risks of data breaches have also increased.

Hackers can easily invade your systems and steal confidential information.  According to Statista, in the first half of 2022, there were approximately 817 cases of data comprises in the United States. Therefore, the importance of cyber security is more important than ever as every industry is vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Data breaches are a common threat to businesses of all sizes.  They can cause financial damages and also damage the reputation of the business. Businesses of all sizes must take the necessary steps to prevent a data breach. Even if you run a small business, it is highly essential to ensure that your data remains safe.

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How Data Breach Occurs

Data breaches can cause massive destruction and completely change the course of a business.  For example, organizations work hard to compile the data of the clients, and one cyber-attack is enough to wreak havoc. They can suffer from several problems, and it can take years for them to cope with the loss.  Several big companies such as Yahoo, Apple, and eBay have been victims of these data breaches.

The mere reason that a data breach occurs is that several organizations neglect the importance of security and compliance policies. They use poor security measures just to save a few bucks or do not well train their employees to avoid falling into the trap of hackers.

The other reason is that companies choose an unreliable internet service provider. Today, several internet service providers sell data to third parties. Your ISP can track your online activities and knows about all your online activities.

Never choose an ISP that offers low-quality packages just to save money and end up losing sensitive information. Before you subscribe to any ISP, always inquire about the security features that they offer.

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Consider the example of HughesNetinternet, which offers an excellent internet connection and provides secure connection. It uses advanced technology to offer secure wireless connectivity.  It also offers Norton 360 Deluxe antivirus to ensure that subscribers are not victims of malicious attacks.

Types of Data Breaches

We have curated the list of the most common types of data breaches.

Malware Attacks

This type of attack can happen due to glitches, weak passwords, or vulnerabilities in the system.  It damages the infrastructure of the device, and as a result, people end up losing their confidential data. Because of these attacks, your business not only compromises its data but the customers’ sensitive information is also exposed to the group of hackers. This encompasses several types of attacks such as ransomware, spyware, and much more. So, always be wary of accessing the websites that seem suspicious.

Ransomware Attacks

In this type of attack, you get a message that your device has been attacked. In such cases, some person tells you that they can return your device and data if you pay them the demanded money. This is the reason businesses are advised to create a backup of their data, and no unauthorized person should be allowed to access the data.


This attack is generally created by a third party who creates sites that look genuine, and people end up giving their sensitive information. This scheme is quite common, and most employees fall victim to this scam and confirm their login details. Once the hacker has their details, he can use them against them.

Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS)

This attack is designed to affect the businesses running on a large scale.  In this attack, the organizations cannot access the data and information. The system is flooded with traffic, so the authorized users cannot access the server and the sites. In most cases, the company needs to shut down until the server is recovered. For example, hackers can launch this attack on a pharmaceutical company to take advantage of the records of their patients.

In Brief

We live in a world where our privacy is constantly at stake. It is mandatory to ensure that you are aware of the types of data breaches that you can fall victim to. Also, if you own a business, you should educate your employees as well. If your employees are aware of the ways hackers, can still take timely actions to protect the system from those attacks.

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