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Blackjack card game – Share experiences of playing blackjack from players

Blackjack card game considered by experts to be one of the most popular skill-based games today. Blackjack is not simply a game of chance, but besides that, players also need to equip themselves with a little experience to increase their winning rate. Our following article will introduce to you the game of blackjack and the immortal card playing experiences of the masters.
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Basic overview of the blackjack card game

Blackjack is considered the world’s most popular and sought-after game genre. That’s why this game always appears in casinos and betting halls.

With blackjack, it requires participating players to use and skillfully combine basic skills and experience.

Blackjack is also used by many players with other names such as Blackjack. This card game has a gameplay quite similar to the way Blackjack is played in our country. Specifically, the similarities are as follows:

  • Your opponent is the house you choose, not someone else
  • The number of points considered the most ideal is 21 points. If in any game your score exceeds 21, it is called a Quack.
  • The highest card occurs when the first 2 cards you receive have a total of 21.

Terms commonly used in the blackjack card game

Before participating in a certain game, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the basic terms of that game. The same goes for the blackjack card game, here are some of the simplest terms you should know.

  1. Blackjack card game, also known as Blackjack, the largest card here will be counted as 1 card A, 10, J, Q, K and the reward when winning is 1.5
  2. The bet will be counted when your total score is over 21 points
  3. Hit means drawing cards and participating players will be able to draw 1 additional card according to the house’s regulations
  4. Standing is when you will not be able to draw any more cards from the table
  5. A tie occurs when the total points of the dealer and the player are equal, no one wins
  6. A double bet occurs when you place a side bet. In case your first 2 cards have a pair, the dealer will immediately pay you the prize. Besides, if you double your bet, your bonus amount will also be doubled.

What are the rules for playing the blackjack card game?

Whether following traditional or modern gameplay, the basic rules of this game are still the same: players will place bets before the dealer distributes cards.

Next, each player will receive 2 more cards and then the dealer’s dealer will begin to turn over the players’ cards to add points.

If the player has a total score from the cards that is less than or equal to 21 and is higher than the dealer’s score, then the player can win.

The winner of the game will receive all the bet money from the opponent. And vice versa, the losing side will have to pay the entire bet.

For other special cases, players will need to add another card to add points and then compare between the two sides.

Revealing some experiences in playing the blackjack card game with a hundred wins and a hundred wins

In order for players to increase their chances of winning against the house, below we will give you some tips when playing the extremely simple blackjack card game.
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You should not separate the two 10s when playing

When you have 2 10 cards in your hand, you have 20 points and as long as blackjack does not appear, your chance of winning is extremely high. This is one of the experiences that you need to pay close attention to when playing blackjack.

Split cards at the right time

In some cases, the splitting strategy is considered the best and most effective strategy. When you have 2 identical cards, you can separate them to create the highest chance of winning. Note that this way of playing requires you to be very careful and research carefully before separating.

Use time and capital appropriately

You should set a certain limit in terms of money or time when playing black card games. Don’t overdo it and it can cause addiction, forgetting that you play just for entertainment.


Through the above article, perhaps you have a better understanding of the blackjack card game and some tips for playing this game genre. Hopefully the information mentioned above will be useful to you.

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