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EVE Introduces New Battery Solutions For Passenger Vehicles

EVE, a leading innovator in electric vehicle technology, has announced the availability of customized battery solutions for passenger vehicles. These solutions increase range, performance, and durability for today’s fleet of passenger vehicles. In addition, EVE’s new battery solutions are designed to meet the needs of today’s passenger vehicles and help to reduce emissions, improve safety and provide customers with a choice in fuel sources.

Benefits of EVE Battery Solutions

EVE has developed new battery solutions that are both environmentally friendly and have a longer lifespan. The new EVE batteries use lithium-ion technology. This is a more sustainable energy source because it doesn’t require mining resources.

Overview of different battery solutions

  • 12V system’s first generation of lithium batteries

The 12V conventional lead-acid battery is swapped out with the highly advanced high-power lithium battery. It has a built-in BMS, is lightweight, and has a long intended life, compatible with various architectures, including 48V vehicles, PHEVs, BEVs, and HEVs. The system is ASIL B compliant, has outstanding power performance, and can continuously charge and discharge at 5℃ h ambient temperature and pulse at 10℃.

  • Solution for 48V hybrid electric passenger vehicles, third generation.

Battery BMS and DCDC integrated design that is highly integrated and dependable; active liquid cooling and high-efficiency heating membrane technology integrated to fulfill all-weather operation needs; matching the traditional fuel vehicle architecture, taking into account cost and utility. Strong power, easier starting, acceleration, and no need to charge.


EVE has released new battery solutions designed specifically for passenger vehicles. The new batteries provide a more efficient and stable power supply, making them ideal for autonomous and electric vehicles.

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