Football Odds – 3 Betting Tips That Destroy Every Bookie

soccer odds is the most interesting content we have discovered recently. When bookmakers open up many different forms of entertainment to give players more choices, parlay betting is one such content. The article below New88 will help people discover this special and interesting type of betting.

Find out what  soccer odds are?

In king sports betting, if you want to find the most difficult and complicated form of play, perhaps it needs to be mentioned soccer odds. This is a type of bet where when participating, players must integrate multiple bets into the same bet ticket. The house will calculate the bet if all the bets you choose win. If you are wrong in just one bet, you will lose the entire bet.

It is for this reason that soccer odds It is always considered the most difficult form of betting to win, but the number of participating players is not small. This is even the most familiar betting content of the experts, even many rookies want to learn and try. The reason why the profit when playing parlay bets is very large is calculated by the multiplier.

To understand better, when placing cross bets on multiple matches at the same time, when winning all, the bonus of the previous bet will be received with the coefficient of the next bet. Just like that, the more bets you play, the higher the multiplier and the bigger the payout, for example, the way to calculate 4-way football is to multiply the coefficient by 4 bets. That’s why many people participate soccer odds Just spend a small amount of money on the bet ticket but get a huge amount of money back when you win.

Common types of basic parlay bets

In betting soccer odds Nowadays, there will be a few forms that fans see most often. For example, people have stipulated the following skew coefficient that everyone can refer to:

  • A bet of 2 will be called a Double.
  • A bet of 3 will be called a double cross (Treble).
  • A bet of 4 will be called a double cross (4-Fold).
  • A bet of 5 will be called a 5-Fold.
  • A bet of 6 will be called a 6-Fold.
  • A bet on 7 will be called a 7-Fold.
  • A bet of 8 will be called a double cross (8-Fold).
  • A bet on 9 will be called a double cross (9-Fold).

Usually the bookies will allow players to play up to 9, but in many special cases it can be higher than in big tournaments. But everyone should remember that the more parlays you bet, the smaller the probability of winning, and the bigger the payout.

How to calculate parlay bets?

In the process of exploring calculation methods soccer odds We will see two basic types of betting: single bets and half or draw bets. In each such situation, the complexity of the cross bet will change, making it difficult for rookies. This is also the fear of many beginner players who do not know how to calculate bets.

Calculate single winning cross

Calculating a lucky cross bet to win a single, everything is quite simple when you just need to multiply the coefficients together. The formula we will use in this case is:

  • Odds = Odds 1 x Odds 2 x Odds 3 x … x Odds n.

Thus we can see the characteristics of soccer odds Winning singles is counting how many bets you play. For example, if you bet on Europe, 3 teams A, B, C win with a ratio of 2.16 respectively; 2.09 and 1.99, when winning the cross bet, it will become 2.16 x 2.09 x 1.99 = 8.9837 x with initial capital. That means you only play 3 matches, but if it explodes, the prize money will be nearly 9 times the capital spent.

Calculate the odds of a draw and a half win

In soccer odds Calculating money is most complicated when there is a half win or a draw because there will be separate rules and notes for players to follow. In case of a draw, the coefficient is 1, when winning half the coefficient is replaced by (1 + (that odds – 1) / 2) and losing half is 1/2. The formula that we will have in such a parlay ticket is as follows:

(Odd odds = Winning odds x (1 + (Half odds -1) / 2) x 1/2 (when the bet loses half) x 1 (if the bet is a draw)…).

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What should you keep in mind when betting on parlays?

There are a lot of saves when learning how to play soccer odds that players need to consider. For example, we cannot choose different types of bets in the same match except in the case of playing 3 main legs including European, Asian and Over/Under. Not only applies to football, but now parlay betting also appears in many other sports.

Evaluation of current  soccer odds

To objectively evaluate this type of bet, we will need to rely on the advantages and disadvantages of this type of bet. For example, considering the previous disadvantages, as mentioned, playing parlays is very difficult to win.

Usually people will play 2 or at most 3 parlays and the chance of winning has also changed significantly, so when the par is higher, the odds are almost very rare.

However, the advantage of parlay betting comes from the payout from the house. Many betting units are ready to bring huge amounts of money that you cannot imagine.

The chance of exploding the prize pot is so great that many players want to try with a small capital, but winning a skewer with multiple coefficients is as difficult as winning the lottery jackpot.

Experience in playing cross bets that few people know when betting

Nowadays, many experts bet while playing soccer odds They are all willing to share their own experiences. In fact, helping others win bets with your own knowledge and experience cannot reduce their chances of winning. There will be a number of points that we need to consider carefully when betting or trying to get rid of  soccer odds.

Only participate in clear odds matches

First, we only participate in matches with clear odds, meaning we see a big chance of winning for one of the two teams. In matches with division and hesitation, it is best not to participate because the risk like that in cross bets is too great.

When betting on  soccer odds, you should only play 1 match

Absolutely do not participate in too many matches, even if the bet ticket has many crosses, the prize money is huge but the chance of winning is too low. Many players today only set a skew level of 3 to optimize their judgment.

You should not follow the majority bet

Play soccer odds You should not always listen to the majority, football is an unpredictable sport and you need to know that. So when betting, we need to be careful in many matches, sometimes just taking other people’s opinions for reference. Be confident in your own judgment when answering cross bets in football because only then will we be sure when placing bets.

According to the rating of the game portal New88 https://new889.blue/ then even though soccer odds It’s difficult but not impossible to win. It is important that participating players must grasp the process, operation and their own strengths and weaknesses when participating in this type of bet. Ensuring safety and avoiding unnecessary risks will significantly increase your chances of winning.

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