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Frecon PV150A Series Solar Pumping Drive: Redefining Efficiency as Your Trusted Solar Pump Inverter Supplier

Introducing the PV150A Series Solar Pumping Drive, an advanced MPPT water pump inverter proudly offered by Frecon, the trusted solar pump inverter supplier. This series represents a leap forward in solar pumping technology, featuring a hybrid supply, built-in protection, advanced MPPT algorithms, and increased water yield. Designed to excel in various applications including AM, PMSM, and BLDC systems, the PV150A Series is set to revolutionize solar pumping efficiency.

Hybrid Power Supply

The PV150A Series supports simultaneous input from DC solar power and AC grid power, with seamless DC/AC auto-switch functionality. This ensures uninterrupted operation, even in fluctuating power conditions.

Built-in Protection

Equipped with comprehensive built-in protection mechanisms, ensuring the safety and reliability of the system under various operating conditions. From overvoltage to overcurrent protection, Frecon ensures peace of mind for users.

Advanced MPPT Algorithms

Leveraging advanced MPPT algorithms, the PV150A Series optimizes solar energy utilization, maximizing pump efficiency and overall system performance.


The PV150A Series Solar Pumping Drive is suitable for a wide range of applications, applying to AM, PMSM, BLDC, etc. Its versatility and reliability make it the ideal choice for enhancing water management efficiency in various environments.


In conclusion, the Frecon PV150A Series Solar Pumping Drive sets a new standard in solar pumping efficiency and reliability. With its hybrid power supply, advanced MPPT algorithms, and built-in protection mechanisms, it ensures optimal performance and increased water yield. Explore the possibilities with the PV150A Series and experience the future of solar pumping technology with Frecon, the trusted solar pump inverter supplier.

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