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Hermetix’s MDFO1413-w8: A High-Performance Glass-to-Metal Hermetic Seal Package

Finding reliable and high-quality products to sell to your customers is essential as a dealer or wholesaler. Hermetix is a leading manufacturer of glass-to-metal hermetic seal packages and offers a range of solutions to meet various industry needs. This article will explore the advantages of using Hermetix’s MDFO1413-w8 in this article.

What is MDFO1413-w8

MDFO1413-w8 is a versatile laser butterfly package that offers a range of customization options to meet specific customer needs. It features eight leads with flattened wire bonding tips copper-tungsten base soldered to the frame of Kovar packages with a flange and fiber optic channel. This package also comes in various structural forms, designed around the optical channel and manufactured using different processes that suit the characteristics of the housing.

The Advantages of Hermetix’s MDFO1413-w8

Customizable Design: The MDFO1413-w8 offers various customization options, including different housing structures and materials, as well as customizable pin pitch. This allows customers to tailor the package to their specific application requirements.

Enhanced Reliability: The glass-to-metal hermetic seal protects devices from environmental factors, improving their overall reliability and lifespan. This makes MDFO1413-w8 ideal for use in demanding environments.


Hermetix‘s MDFO1413-w8 is a versatile and high-performance glass-to-metal hermetic seal package offering various customization options to meet specific customer needs. From enhanced device reliability and improved performance to cost-effective solutions, the MDFO1413-w8 is ideal for various industries such as automotive electronics, optical communications, medical equipment, and public safety. As a dealer or wholesaler, partnering with Hermetix for their high-quality products can provide you with a competitive edge in the market.

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