How to arrange a chess board – New88’s most accurate instructions

What is the way to arrange a chess board?In the space of intelligence and relaxation, chess is like a means of both entertainment and training of thinking ability. Its popularity spans all ages, creating a special preference among many players. In this article, Trang chủ New88 will impart basic knowledge including how to recognize chess pieces and how to arrange the chess board most accurately!

How to arrange a chess board – Analyze the structure of the chess board

The chess board is a square space divided into 64 equal squares with 32 white squares and 32 black squares. The flag square in the far right corner is always a light colored square. All cells are the same size and are numbered horizontally from 1 to 8, along with being sequentially marked with the letters A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H in columns. vertical.

Each player is equipped with a chess set of 16 pieces including 1 king, 1 queen, 2 rooks, 2 bishops, 2 knights and 8 pawns. The main objective in this game is to checkmate or checkmate the opponent’s king to win.

The king plays the most important role in this game

When the king’s position is threatened and there is no way to avoid it, the player is forced to move the king out of the situation. In case of failure to do this, the opponent can check the king and end the game. The queen is the piece with the greatest strength after the king, capable of moving flexibly in many directions and distances.

Rook pieces are also very important, they can move along rows or columns. Bishops and knights have the ability to “jump” over other pieces and drums. The pawn has the weakest strength, but has the ability to develop into a strong piece (queen) if it overcomes the entire board.
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Distinguishing chess pieces in arranging the chess board

How to arrange a chess board correctly begins by distinguishing the pieces as follows:

Symbol ♚ – King

As the most important pillar in chess, despite its weak position, the king requires careful protection because losing the king means defeat. The cross on top of the king’s scepter symbolizes supreme and peaceful power. The king is protected by other pieces and is also a source of strength to fight.

Symbol ♛ – Queen

The crown flag on the queen’s head represents the greatest power and responsibility in the match. Like a commander, the queen is responsible for protecting the king and country, and managing important strategies on the battlefield. Each side has only one queen.

Symbol ♜ – Rook

Shaped like a solid castle, the rook plays an important role in implementing important strategies. As the “powerful arm” of the queen, the rook has strong destructive ability, especially when located at the end of the board. Therefore, preserving 2 rooks near the end of the game is important.

Distinguishing chess pieces is an important step before learning how to arrange a chess board

Symbol ♝ – Bishop

Even though it has lower strength than the rook, the bishop still plays an important role in the chessboard structure. Used wisely, the bishop can become a powerful force. The tap above the bishop’s head represents its mobility and attack.

Icon♞ – Knight

With the shape of a horse’s head, the knight has the same power as the bishop. However, the choice between knight and bishop often depends on the specific situation.

Symbol ♟ – Pawn

It is the weakest chess piece but plays the most important role in strategy. Representing soldiers on the battlefield, pawns have the ability to create offensive and defensive positions to ensure victory.

Instructions on how to arrange the chess board correctly

Before starting a match, placing the chessboard in the correct position on the board is an important step. This can be quite difficult and time-consuming for new players, but with the instructions below, you will easily learn and remember the most accurate chess arrangement.

  • Step 1: First, place the board so that the white square is in your bottom right corner. The two sides will have the same arrangement from each player’s perspective. Arrange the pieces on the first two rows, with key pieces in the first row and pawns in the second row.

The white piece will go first in the game of chess

  • Step 2: Place 2 rooks in the two corners of the chessboard according to your color.
  • Step 3: Place 2 knights right next to the rook, each knight in cells B1 and G1 on the chessboard.
  • Step 4: The bishop is placed right next to the knight, each bishop in cells C1 and F1 on the chessboard.
  • Step 5: Place the queen in the empty space on the first row, the same color as your queen.
  • Step 6: The king is placed in the last free space on the first row, the same color as your king.
  • Step 7: Finally, place the pawns in the second row on the chessboard.


Based on the knowledge provided by New88, we hope you have clearly understood how to arrange the chess board according to standards. Continue your efforts, practice and develop your skills to achieve success in this intellectual sport. Wishing you luck and success on your path!

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