How to learn effectively and boost your memory

In this post, I bring you a list of the best books to learn to memorize. A skill that is still necessary in the world we live in, at least to pass exams and specially tailored for

Without getting into whether it is okay or not that it is so important to forcefully remember some concepts, we go straight to the list of these books. Some of them were already reviewed in Liberated Minds so in each case you will find the link so you can read more about it.

  1. Build your super memory by becoming a child again

The book Build your super memory by becoming a child again is written by Marcos Mugica, who dedicated himself to studying all the existing memorization techniques. And that’s exactly what this book is about. It is a great manual where all the memorization techniques that you might need are compiled. It is a guide that will give you great value if you study at the university.

Regarding the title, “going back to being a child”, it is because the author insists that we must forget about the prejudices regarding making mistakes and losing the shame when it comes to learning, as when we were children.

  1. Memorize like Sherlock Holmes

The book Memorize Like Sherlock Holmes, by Steve Allen, has a single objective: to teach you the technique known as Palace of Memory. A technique that, if perfected, will allow you to retain a lot of information in your brain.

The reference to Sherlock Holmes is in relation to the great capacity that this fictional character has to memorize. Also, it is the technique shown in the Sherlock series.

  1. Learn like Einstein

Learn Like Einstein is another Steve Allen book. It is very short, only about 80 pages, and what it seeks is to present some study techniques, including those of accelerated learning.

In the pages of this book, you will first find an introduction to how the brain works and then an explanation of the following study techniques: fragmentation, techniques for retaining written material, the Feynmann technique and speed reading. Of course, more than one of them require memorization.

  1. Develop a prodigious mind

The book Develops a prodigious mind, by Ramón Campayo is an excellent guide for students who want to maximize their ability to study.

The author is a mnemonist, this means that he is a person with an innate ability to memorize. This natural skill has been enhanced with different techniques that are useful for all people. And here in this book, he is in charge of compiling them, along with other tips for studying.

The book is divided into several sections where study and memorization techniques are explained. Among them, the famous technique of mental lockers.

Of all the books that appear here, this is the one I recommend the most if you are a university student or going to face CBSE MCQs Class 12 are thinking of studying at university. There is a special section where the author explains a general study system.

  1. Get an excellent memory

The book was written by the specialist in techniques and history of mnemonics, Luis Sebastián Pascual. The objective is to explain in a theoretical way the different memorization techniques that exist.

  1. Memorization Techniques: Practical cases

Another book by Luis Sebastián Pascual . Here he collects again memorization techniques but explains them through practical examples. Among them, how to memorize a list of words, how to memorize the periodic table or how to memorize texts word by word. In addition, it presents the Leitner system, used to learn languages.

  1. Get an amazing memory: Techniques and tips that will change your life

When it comes to learning the new tricks, this book is amazing. With a somewhat exaggerated title, British memory champion Dominic O’Brien takes advantage of the pages of this book to teach you memorization techniques that he has developed himself.

Among the items and things O’Brien will help you memorize are numbers, lists, lectures, birthdays, letters, facts, names, and faces. For each of them, he will explain practical exercises for you to carry out.

  1. Get an Elephant memory

It is known that within the animal kingdom, elephants have a great capacity to remember, hence the title of this book by Miguel Ángel Vergara and José María Bea.

This book brings together techniques, tricks, and exercises to improve and hone your memory. It is intended for anyone but it is especially useful for students and those who have to prepare for entrance exams or public exams.

So far the list of books to learn to memorize better. I hope they are useful to you and that you can boost your memory to the maximum. Apart from this, the platform such as also teaches children on the concept of Essay writing with a ease learning.

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