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Innovative Features and User-Friendly Design: Shenling’s ThermaX Split Heat Pump Water Heater

Shenling‘s ThermaX Split Heat Pump Water Heater is a leading solution in the market, offering exceptional performance and user-friendly design. This article explores the innovative features incorporated into the thermal pump system, highlighting how they enhance performance and convenience for businesses.

Innovative Features for Enhanced Performance

Noise-Reduced Bionic Fan:

Shenling’s ThermaX Split Heat Pump Water Heater features a noise-reduced bionic fan, ensuring a quieter operation. This innovative fan design of the thermal pump, coupled with the trailing edge notch pattern and the Suction surface concave design, optimizes pressure distribution, resulting in improved performance and energy efficiency.

Outdoor Unit Sound Resistant Design:

To minimize outdoor unit noise, Shenling has employed comprehensive mold design and advanced simulation techniques. The thermal pump incorporates 3-layered environmental protection sound insulation and absorbing materials, reducing noise levels and providing a more comfortable environment for businesses.

User-Friendly Design and Convenience

Wired Controller with Advanced Functions:

The ThermaX Split Heat Pump Water Heater is equipped with a wired controller featuring advanced functions. These include a Wi-Fi function for remote control, SD card program upgrade for easy system updates, a colorized LCD touch screen for intuitive operation, a 14mm ultra-slim design for space-saving installation, and snap fitting for hassle-free setup. These features make the system highly user-friendly and efficient to operate.

Simple Program Upgrade for Seamless Operation:

Shenling’s ThermaX Split Heat Pump Water Heater offers a simple program upgrade process for both indoor and outdoor units. By connecting a laptop and a micro USB cable, businesses can easily upgrade the system’s program. This seamless upgrade process ensures that the system remains up to date with the latest features and optimizations, facilitating efficient operation and minimizing downtime for customers.


In short, Shenling’s ThermaX Split Heat Pump Water Heater stands out in the market due to its innovative features and user-friendly design. The noise-reduced bionic fan, outdoor unit sound resistant design, wired controller with advanced functions, and simple program upgrade process contribute to enhanced performance, convenience, and efficiency. With Shenling’s ThermaX Split Heat Pump Water Heater, businesses can enjoy optimal heating solutions while benefiting from a seamless and user-friendly experience.

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