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Introducing Panda Plus by ESD Acoustic: A Step Up in Audio Quality

The top model in ESD Acoustic‘s well-known Panda speaker lineup is the Panda Plus. It is an upgraded version of the well-liked Panda speaker line. Panda Plus raises the bar for bookshelf speakers with its unmatched performance and sound quality. It has a well-thought-out and innovative foundation.With its cutting-edge design and exceptional performance, the flagship model of the well-known Panda speaker series, the Panda Plus, redefines the benchmark for hifi bookshelf speakers.

Novel Developments in the Field Coil Industry
The artificial intelligence (AI) negative feedback technology used in the field coil power supply of Panda Plus is designed to counteract the dynamic suppression caused by eddy currents. Because of their 2.2T magnetic density, the speaker units broadcast music clearly and effortlessly, resulting in a seamless listening experience.
A Better Bass Effect
Panda Plus from ESD Acoustic offers enhanced bass performance, more sensitivity, and more accurate imaging with its dumbbell-style construction of two 8-inch titanium sandwich bass field coil units. Furthermore, this configuration reduces the requirement for attenuation on the beryllium tweeter unit, improving high-frequency performance.

Precision Work
To lessen sound distortion, ESD Acoustic’s Panda Plus is constructed of aero-aluminum and precise CNC machining. Anti-resonance materials and strengthened linings offer exceptional realism and clarity, greatly enhancing performance.


Panda Plus continues ESD Acoustic’s heritage of pushing audio technology to its boundaries. The greatest high-fidelity bookshelf speakers that set new industry standards. Panda Plus speakers provide unrivaled sound quality and fidelity due to its cutting-edge features, innovative design, and excellent production. This makes them an excellent choice for discerning audiophiles seeking the greatest possible listening experience.

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