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Jumping Bouncy Is a Great Game For a Get-Together

As the name suggests, the goal of the game “Jumping Bouncer” is to see who can grab a ball after bouncing it the highest while jumping on a trampoline.

How to Make Sense of “Jumping Bodyguard”

Jumping Bodyguard is a great party game that can be enjoyed by people of 3-10 ages kiddos. Here’s how to get in on the action:

First, have the kiddos form two lines, one at either end of the room or the playing field.

Second, place the bouncing ball in the center of the playing area.

At the “start,” the first player on each team goes to the ball and begins bouncing it as high as possible.

Everyone on the team must make an effort to catch the ball after it has been bounced by a player. One point is awarded to their team for each catch.

Fifth, the team that scores 10 points first wins.

The Benefits of Using a Jumping Bouncer

A leaping bouncer provides several advantages for your party. You may use them for exercise, and they’re great for keeping the crowd happy. It’s easy to find them at places that specialize in party supplies, and the price is right.

How do I locate a security inflatable jumping bouncer?

Jumping Bouncer is the ultimate party game and a great way to have fun with loved ones in a social setting.

Jumping bouncers are available for purchase at Action Air. Browse our website to find the perfect bodyguard for your needs; we offer a wide variety of supplies and only utilize the best.

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