The most accurate way to play Tam Cuc card game? Rules for playing Tam Chrysanthemum

How to play Tam Cuc card game is one of the popular and interesting card games in Vietnamese folk. Tam Chrysanthemum is played with a regular deck of Western cards, including 52 cards. This is a game that requires skill in arranging cards and strategy in playing pieces. Let’s Liên Minh OKVIP Learn about how to play Tam Cuc card game through the following article.

Introduction to the Tam Chrysanthemum card game

Tam Cuc is an attractive card game that originally appeared in the North and has now become a popular game everywhere. This is a popular entertainment game among the common people, often played in free moments.

Due to its close connection with the habits and customs of the Northern people, tam chrysanthemum is often played during festivals and holidays. In particular, tam chrysanthemum is suitable for women because it has a small number of pieces, is easy to remember and understand. A game of three daisies in a regular casino usually has 4 participants, but it can also be played with 2 people or adjust the rules according to the number of players, for example, discarding 1 or 5 cards.

Tam chrysanthemum playing cards can be purchased at most convenience stores, grocery stores or even on e-commerce sites. Be careful not to confuse tam chrysanthemum with shrimp nest, because they are not the same. Tam chrysanthemum has 7 simple pieces divided into red and black, while shrimp nest has up to 120 pieces and complex drawings divided into 30 types.

In addition, today, if you do not have a “card” to play traditional tam chrys, you can choose to play tam chrys online. There are many game versions and reward forms for you to choose from. Regardless of the form, the way to play Tam Chrysanthemum in the field remains unchanged, the person with the most cards will win. To better understand the rules of the game, continue reading the next information section.

What are the rules of playing Tam Cuc card game?

How to play Tam Cuc card game is quite simple and easy to understand. Here is a summary of the basic rules of this game:

How to play tam chrysanthemum card game – rules for arranging cards

To win in playing tam chrysanthemum, the rules of dealing cards are an important factor that you need to master. Here are the basic rules for stacking cards:

Pair: Place two cards of the same number close together to form a pair, such as a pair of pink rooks or a pair of black cannons.

Set of 3: A set of 3 is made up of 3 cards of the same color, including a set of 3 rooks-cannons-knights or a set of 3 generals-soldiers-bishops. However, it should be noted that the pair (bishop-chariot-cannon) or (warrior-bishop-chariot) does not count as a set of 3.

Four of a kind: If you have 4 good cards (2s) of the same color, it is considered a four of a kind.

Five of a kind: If you have 5 good cards of the same color, it will be a five of a kind.

Cards that do not belong to a suit: The remaining cards will be arranged individually, not belonging to any suit.

How to play Tam Cuc card game – regulations on how to deal cards

In the game Tam Chrysanthemum, the number of players is usually 2-4, and the rules for dealing cards vary depending on the number of players:
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Deal cards to 2 players: Each person receives 16 cards and must publicly announce the cards they receive.

Dealing cards to 3 players: With this number of players, before dealing, 5 cards need to be removed (including 1 black pawn, 1 black soldier, 1 black general, 1 red soldier and 1 general). Mr. Hong). Then, the three daisies will be divided equally among 3 players, each receiving 9 cards.

Deal cards to 4 players: Each person receives 8 cards.

The most accurate and effective way to play Tam Cuc card game

In playing tam dai online, the player or the first caller will be randomly chosen by the computer. This person has the right to call any number of cards, they can call 3 cards, 2 cards or 1tree from the deck of cards. The other players will take turns ignoring the corresponding number of cards as required and these cards will be placed face down until the caller turns up the first card.

After the card is turned over, it will be the first caller’s card and the round will rotate until all cards are revealed. The person with the highest flipped card will win and receive the right to call the next card. If you don’t want to reveal your cards, you can give up and avoid showing the cards.

The levels of strength and weakness in Tam Cuc include:

Doubles and triples are of the same type, the red piece will beat the black piece.

The trio (general, soldier, bishop) will beat the trio (chariot, artillery, horse).

If anyone has four cards and announces their cards before the caller, they will win.

Whoever has the five cards will have the right to call the first card.

Additionally, the highest value card you can use in your first turn is the pink rook. If you hit the knight or bishop, that will be considered swipe card and you will lose.

In the last call, the caller can form pairs or trios such as black cannons, carts-cannons-horses to earn more points. However, if the pair in the three chrysanthemum match has the highest value, just stop at the pair of pink cars. If you play a pair of pink or black bishops, it is not counted as a winning pair. In the case of a pair of black pawns, you will definitely win, but if the three chrysanthemum player calls the last turn calling wu tu, four tu or a pair of black pawns and any player opens their cards as requested, for example For example, if the suit is red, the person calling the card will have the black pawn. This means you just need to play the red pawn for the other player to win.

In tam cuc, the way to play tam chrysanthemum has very simple rules of playing and reviewing cards but still brings attraction and tension in each game. The dealer or first caller has the right to choose the number of cards and set a challenge for other players. Ingenuity in choosing and analyzing cards along with the ability to handle situations is an important factor in winning.

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