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Playing fish shooting games is a very popular entertainment game in the last 5 years. This game is considered very easy to play and is for all ages, anyone can play fish shooting. This game is very attractive and attractive, because it has very beautiful sounds and images. And to help you know more about this game. Please read the following article up to jun88 (this article is completely free).

What is a fish shooting game?

Fish shooting game is very good entertainment game and it is known by people all over the world. Fish shooting game is the way you need to determine the direction of the fish; Then try to shoot the net to catch them. You control a neat gun with different bullets. Each bullet fired costs a certain amount of money depending on the type of bullet you choose. When enough shots are fired; Then the fish will be caught and you will get a reward corresponding to the fish.

In addition, this game has beautiful sounds, images and useful bonuses. So now fishing game is available in most malls across the country. In addition, there are also many private agents that open up to meet the needs of players. However, if you play with an amount greater than 2 million VND, you will be breaking the law. That’s why now players go to the websites of popular bookmakers to play fish shooting games online. It is safe for you and you can express your wishes freely.

Tips for playing online fish shooting game – Jun88

Fish shooting game is a simple game; But not all brothers know how to make a lot of money quickly. Many players had to spend huge amounts of money as a first lesson to be able to earn money from this fish shooting game. So to earn more money from this fish shooting game; Of course you should have useful tips and tricksPlayOnline fish shooting gameEffective.

Online fish shooting game is attracting more and more players in Vietnam. But we are less than other countries to evaluate the level of the game in comparison with the general level. The main reason is that they still don’t understand the basic knowledge and tips to play the game easily and win. Next, June 88, I will show you some tips that will help you beat this game easily:


1. Shoot the fish as it swims

In fact, this is the way many players of this game play. Coin based fish shooting games will have very weak fish. If you swim, if you are shot, you will be arrested the next day. Thanks to knowing this algorithm, you should pay attention to the swimming of small and medium-sized fish. Aim correctly and then fire the shot to win coins. We are sure that this way of playing will help you earn good amount of money. This is the most basic way for online fish shooting game players to play.

2. Shooting increases the number of bullets

With this way of playing, you can easily understand that you keep shooting to increase the number of bullets. For example: shoot 3 fish with 1 shot each and add 1 to 2, 3, 4, 5 to 100 shots. When you shoot the 100th shot, you lose 550 points, but this time the fish is caught and you get 1000 points. In general, no matter how many times the fish is caught in the shot, you will still make a profit. If you’re quick, you can increase ammo in several other ways. And of course the amount of money lost is also greater as the number of shots. This is a very popular way to play fish shooting games.
See :

3. Shoot the wall and go back

The way to play this coin toss fish shooting game is similar to playing billiards. If you shoot at the edge of the phone screen, the shots in the corner of the screen will bounce back. Once you hit the fish, if you shoot more shots, the catch rate will be higher. Because with this method of shooting, there will be 2 shots pointing at the same fish, so there will be more chances to catch it. Of course, this way of playing requires a lot of ammunition and spending a lot of money. But to catch big fish you have to invest big, right people?

This way of playing is the secret of professional players; And they always make more money than others.June 88 It has also been implemented and the amount of fishing has increased significantly.

4. Save shots to catch big fish

This method is only suitable for those who have a large capital. Instead of only catching small fish, you can save shots to wait for the big fish to show up before you catch them.

In this way, you have to change your target of attack by playing Coins Shooter. It can catch ocean whales or golden ocean turtles. To catch big fish, high level players use big shots.

For each large target such as an oceanic whale, you are rewarded with a large amount of money if caught.

5. Catch large amounts of small fish

The way to play this coin shooting fish game is slightly different from the way to save the shots above. You can catch all the small fish that are very easy to catch when they are visible. No need to wait until the fish. Because if you only focus on big fish and don’t catch them, you will waste a lot of shots. In addition, for fish hit by stray bullets, counting of coins is not allowed.

So you have to use the corner of your phone screen to catch small fishes. You have to rotate the gun barrel around the phone screen. Then the shots are fired one by one, each shot going in the same direction. When you encounter a big fish, you should fire 2 to 3 shots.

You have to be quick and flexible to play this coin shooting fish game. How to catch most of the small fish on the screen. Experienced players can make a lot of money from this way of playing.

Where do you play fish shooting games online?

If you are wondering, search online for information related to popular bookmakers for playing fish shooting online. Currently Jun88 66 is providing very attractive and interesting coin shooting fish game. Players can participate by playing many different game genres. The graphics of the fish shooting game are very clear, eye-catching and the rewards are very valuable.

In addition, Jun88 CASINO organizes many promotions. As recently, the bookmaker has started the eventRecommends. Every day, join and login on Jun88 can receive 8,888,888 VND. Along with this, there are many reasons to confirm the name of bookmaker Jun88 as follows.

Playing fish shooting game on Jun88 is a top choice.

  1. Bookmaker Jun88 is licensed by the Philippine government to provide online betting services and has been a legal casino company in the Philippines since 2010. Headquarters: Pasay, Manila, Philippines; And the branch is located at: Moc Bai Border Gate, Barvet Province, Cambodia.
  2. Bookmaker Jun88 is considered by many to be one of the most popular bookmakers on the market today. Bookmaker Jun88 currently has more than 5 million registered and trusted accounts.
  3. Deposit and withdraw money at Jun88 Casino very quickly and securely. It usually only takes a few minutes to withdraw money to your account.
  4. Your personal information is protected by 4 security safeguards according to international bookmaker standards. It is very secure, so you don’t have to worry about your personal information being stolen or disclosed.
  5. A team of dedicated and professional consultants. Support to answer all your questions 24/7. And there are many programs.Recommends. Forever to show gratitude and attract customers as shared above.


The information I have provided related to bookmaker Jun88 is completely correct. Nowadays, Jun88 is very developed and has a large number of players. We hope this article will help you understand what it is like to play fish shooting games. Also his playing tips, along with knowing a famous bookmaker like Jun88. So if you play fishing games you will have a really respectable and quality playing field. best regards!

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