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Unlocking shower base wholesale with DAYA’s Barrier-Free Shower Pans in Series J

In the dynamic realm of bathroom renovations, the demand for barrier free shower pans is on the rise. As businesses seek innovative solutions to cater to their shower pan wholesalers—those involved in purchasing, seeking agents, and dealership agreements—DAYA introduces its exceptional Series J shower base with a linear drain. This revolutionary design not only aligns with the contemporary aesthetic but also addresses the practical needs of modern bathroom spaces.

DAYA Series J: Redefining Efficiency

DAYA’s commitment to excellence shines through in Series J’s composition, where 93% resin and mineral fillers create a composite material of unparalleled quality. This ensures a shower base that not only showcases exquisite patterns but also guarantees long-lasting performance, meeting the highest standards of safety and utility.

Elevating Relationships with DAYA’s Series J

Series J sets itself apart with its cuttable and customizable nature, allowing businesses to infuse creative flair into their offerings. With a range of optional colors and anti-slip surface, these shower bases become versatile solutions adaptable to various bathroom designs. DAYA’s Series J isn’t just a product; it’s a canvas for businesses to create unique, personalized bathroom spaces.


In conclusion, DAYA’s Series J shower base is more than just a barrier-free solution; it’s a strategic tool for businesses aiming to capture the attention of shower pan wholesalers. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, DAYA continues to be a reliable partner in the evolving landscape of bathroom solutions.

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