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YES TECH Outdoor Transparent LED Screen and Fixed LED Display: Redefining Visual Excellence and Practicality

Experience the future of outdoor displays with YES TECH’s outdoor transparent LED screen and outdoor fixed LED display, offering a harmonious blend of visual delight and practical features.

Lightweight and Thin

Unveiling a new era of outdoor displays, these screens boast a mere 7.5kg weight per cabinet and a slim 83mm thickness. This lightweight design ensures a safe hanging height of up to 10m, providing versatility and flexibility in installation scenarios.

High Transparency for Visual Delight

Elevate your visual experiences with a transparency rate exceeding 40%. The 4500nits brightness delivers vibrant and captivating images, making the outdoor transparent LED screen a delightful choice for showcasing content in outdoor settings.

Easy Installation & Maintenance

Efficiency meets convenience with features tailored for easy installation and maintenance. The quick-lock mechanism and large handle simplify one-person installation, reducing time and labor. The module design and integrated power box further streamline maintenance processes, ensuring fast and hassle-free upkeep.

Applications Beyond Boundaries

These outdoor displays go beyond traditional limits, finding applications in various settings such as retail storefronts, entertainment venues, and architectural installations. The high transparency adds a dynamic layer to outdoor environments, allowing for a seamless blend of content and surroundings.


In conclusion, YES TECH‘s outdoor transparent LED screen and outdoor fixed LED display redefine the landscape of outdoor visual displays. Offering a perfect balance of visual brilliance and practical features, these displays set new standards in transparency, ease of installation, and maintenance efficiency. Elevate your outdoor experiences with the advanced capabilities of YES TECH’s innovative LED display solutions.

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