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DNL’s RJT5015SB – The Pinnacle of Parking Jack Excellence

Embark on a journey of superior trailer stability with DNL’s RJT5015SB adjustable leg support stand, a frontrunner in the realm of parking jacks. As a trusted manufacturer with over two decades of experience, DNL brings you a caravan jockey stand that exceeds expectations and sets new standards in the industry.

Versatility Redefined with Swivel Feet

DNL understands the diverse needs of its customers, and the RJT5015SB reflects this understanding with its swivel feet feature. These adaptable feet ensure stability on rough terrains, making this adjustable leg support stand ideal for a wide range of applications – from box trailers to agriculture vehicles.

Premium Gears for Unmatched Safety

Safety is paramount in trailer operations, and DNL prioritizes this with the RJT5015SB. Equipped with premium-quality gears, this parking jack guarantees smooth and safe operations. Whether you’re towing a horse trailer or a construction trailer, you can rely on the RJT5015SB for a secure lifting experience.

Reliable Lifespan with Quality Components

Investing in durability pays off in the long run, and the RJT5015SB is a testament to this principle. The spindle and bearing, crafted with dependable quality, ensure consistent performance and an extended lifespan for this caravan jockey stand. DNL’s commitment to reliability is evident in every component.


In conclusion, DNL’s RJT5015SB is not just a parking jack; it’s the pinnacle of excellence in trailer stability. With features like swivel feet, ergonomic knobs, premium gears, reliable lifespan, and even weight distribution, this adjustable leg support stand stands tall in the world of caravan jockey stands. Trust in DNL for a trailer experience that exceeds expectations.

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