How to Apply Cover Stick & Concealer

We all would love to have naturally flawless and glowing skin, but we don’t. Like it or not, the stress of hectic work schedules, the build-up of pollution in the environment, poor eating habits and unhealthy lifestyles all take a harmful toll on your skin. Considering how delicate our skin and its complexion are, they are highly sensitive to any and all of these things.

What can it conceal?

Just as its name suggests, this makeup tool helps conceal dark circles, broken veins, black heads, skin discoloration etc., which most of us suffer at some point or another in our lives. Today, such concealer sticks have found a place in almost all women’s vanity kits, who simply swear by its effectiveness and ease of application.

Such a cover stick is especially great for women on the go, who either don’t have the time or the inclination to use too much makeup. Since such concealers are creamy and soft, they gently glide on your skin and settle seamlessly on the surface to give it a natural, flawless glow.

Buying the right cover stick

If you too are looking for such a simple and wholesome solution to your ‘on and off’ skin problems, then investing in a good cover stick/concealer is the best bet for you. While shopping for one, always choose one which is produced by a reputed brand. And even then, never go by the quality alone and always do a spot test or a patch test to ensure that it is compatible with your skin. Here, it is important to try on some concealer in the natural light as well to ensure it blends well with your overall skin tone.

The trick to applying it correctly

Generally there are two ways of applying such a concealer. The first method is to dot your whole face, especially the areas you want covered, and gently run your concealer brush over your face blending these dots with your skin in outward strokes. This needs to be done with a light hand and many women simply use their index finger to blend the dotted concealer with their skin, in order to give their whole face an even and neat complexion. Many other women use their concealer to only cover their facial flaws, and hence only dab some on their problem areas alone, blending it slightly with their surrounding skin.

A word of caution

As easy to use and effective as these cover sticks or concealers are, you need to ensure two things for best results. Firstly, avoid sharing your cover stick with other women, as you could catch contagious skin bacteria and allergies from them such as acne. As a makeup artist you should always clean your brushes after each client. Secondly, avoid using a cover stick beyond its expiry date, as the chemicals in such kind of makeup products break down after that period and are not conducive to delicate skin after that.

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