Tips to plan an awesome Halloween party

Are you planning a Halloween party? You’ll want to make it the very best! Here are some tips to make it the most fun for everyone!


Kids of all ages enjoy getting dressed up. Depending on the “spook tolerance” of your guests, pick an appropriate theme – from “Haunted House” or “Fantasy Horror” to “Autumn Celebration”.

One thing to consider – will children be included in the festivities? The theme, games, music, and drinks will all change depending on this.

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Spooky Decorations

You don’t need to spend a ton of money to give your house a spooky look, but a few decorations help get everyone in the mood.

It can be as simple as orange and black balloons and a few well displayed creepy candles. If you want to get fancy, you can string up paper jack-o-lanterns and twinkle lights, put fake spider webs and bats on the walls, add a spooky centerpiece to your table, set up a skeleton on a stand and have themed party favors and tableware. So, keep it as simple or fancy as you like!

Themed Food

People often love themed food. But it’s got to be tasty, not just scary! Here are some ideas for yummy Halloween munchies:

  • Monster pizza bites: Who doesn’t love pizza? Carve out saucy faces on them before you bake.
  • Mummy brie: Shape brie and wrap with puff pastry so it looks like a mummy. Serve with “blood” made of cranberry or raspberry sauce that’s been carefully strained.
  • Candied apples: This is a traditional autumn treat. You can make it scarier by making poison apples using black toffee instead of caramel.
  • Scary sugar cookies: Sure to be a hit with kids of all ages, use your favorite recipe but use Halloween-themed cookie cutters. Frost with shades of orange and black.
  • Spooky dip: Put your favorite dip into a cauldron-shaped bread bowl and serve with cut-up veggies and pumpkin-shaped chips or toast.
  • Bloody Meatballs: Marinate your favorite meatball recipe in a blood-red sauce

Themed Drinks

Special party drinks are an important part of setting a festive mood. Here are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options so both adults and children can be delighted.

  • Dragon Punch: Spiced pomegranate punch with rum has a kick and a blood-red color.
  • Halloween hot cocoa: This is something children and adults can enjoy. Plus, if they are coming in from a cold night of trick-or-treating, this will warm them up.
  • Bloody Mary Syringes: Serve up a classic bloody Mary in syringe-shaped shooters.
  • Black Magic Cocktails: Use black food coloring to turn your favorite drink into a scarier version
  • Halloween ice-cubes: You can create themed ice cubes by freezing gummy worms, olive eye-balls, or plastic spiders in your ice-cube tray.

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Themed Activities

Music and dancing might be all you need for an adult party, particularly if you add in a few Halloween-themed songs, but you could also add activities like a scavenger hunt, a monster-themed trivial pursuit, or have a scary movie or murder mystery. For a children’s party, you could try a scary pinata, apple bobbing, or monster-themed charades. These tips will help to ensure that your party will be a ghoulishly good time!

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