How to Apply Eye Shadow and Eyeliner Practical Video

How to Apply Mascara

The best thing about makeup is that it is like trick photography; you can play with it and experiment with it wholeheartedly, till you get a look that flatters you. Makeup, especially eye makeup, is most commonly used to do two things. It is either used to highlight or enhance the best attributes of your face and eyes, or it is carefully applied to draw attention away from your facial flaws. In both cases, it can work to your advantage if done right. A good example of such helpful makeup is mascara.

Using a lash curler and mascara

Once your overall face and eye makeup is set, you can turn your attention to applying mascara. Here it must be mentioned that while buying your mascara, you must always invest in a good quality lash curler as well, as the two (lash curler and mascara) give the best results when applied one after the other. The biggest advantage of lash curlers is that they gently curl your eyelashes temporarily and open up your eyes to give the impression that they are bigger in size.

While using a lash curler, the trick is to be gentle but firm. Put your open lash curler on your upper eyelash and squeeze gently for about 10 to 20 seconds and then leave. Once done, you can start applying your mascara by opening it and dabbing the lash liner brush against the rim of the tube. This ensures there is just the right amount of mascara on your brush.

Next, position yourself in front of a mirror with an overhead light and put the mascara brush at the base of the upper eyelid, making zigzag movements till the end of the lash. Do this two or three times, looking in the mirror, ensuring that your eye lashes are separating and not clumping together. Short and light strokes give the best results.

How to Apply Mascara Practical Video

Always remember that mascara should only be used to give your eyes a subtle, thick and long-lash look and therefore you mustn’t overdo it. Another important thing to remember is to immediately put your mascara brush back into its container after use, otherwise it can dry out.

How to Apply Blush

We all would love to have rosy red or pink shell colored cheeks, but only a few of us are gifted with these in real life. For the rest of us, we can only find solace in makeup such as blush to give us that perfect look. Blush is usually applied after you have applied concealer, foundation, powder, eye shadow and eyeliner. However, many women who don’t like to go in for full face makeup prefer to use blush after a tinted moisturizer or foundation.

Applying blush

While there is no hard and fast rule as to how to apply blush, you should never apply too much of it. Rather start with a small amount and add more if needed. For this, begin by completing all your other makeup (concealer, foundation, powder and eye makeup) and allow it to set. Next, run your blush brush in your chosen shade and dab it slightly on the rim of the container, to dust off extra or excess blush. You may also rub the brush over your hand to remove the excess.

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