How to Apply False Eyelashes

Long lashes frame your irises and make them stand out with stunning effect. You can achieve a picture perfect look by using false eyelashes. You can even create different looks, for example the sultry look with long curving eyelashes or the innocent look with thick short lashes and much more.

Different Types of False Eyelashes

You can choose between strip (full) lashes and individual ones. The strip lashes add density to your entire lash line. They make your lashes look fuller and thicker all through. These lashes are ideal for those who have sparse or very delicate lashes which are practically invisible. Full lashes are an excellent addition to your overall look as they draw the attention to your eyes instantly.

Applying False Eyelashes

Applying false eye lashes for that perfect look requires a lot of patience and a steady hand. Of course, the results are better the more you practice. Before applying false eyelashes you should know how to make them appear as natural and as attractive as possible. Keep these facts in mind:

  • False eyelashes appear natural only when the individual lashes are of varying lengths.
  • The longest clusters should always be positioned at the outer corner of the eye.
  • Always apply individual lashes, one at a time and check the effects before going on to the next. This will help you avoid the ‘obviously made-up’ look.

Before you apply false strip eye lashes, ensure that they are trimmed to fit your lash line length correctly. Apply a very small portion of glue to the strip lash. You can apply the glue to the back of your hand or a clean, disinfected hard surface and run the lash strip across it for an even spread of the glue.

Blow on the false lash for a few seconds to get the glue to start hardening. Applying the lash at this stage keeps it from shifting position once you have placed it the way you want. Position the lash exactly over your natural eyelash line (using a tweezer) to get a seamless full eyelash that looks and feels most natural. Use the backside of your tweezer and softly run it over the strip lash to make sure that it sits tightly.

Individual lashes need trimming so that they are not unnaturally long when compared with your own lashes. Use shorter lashes towards the inner corner of your eye and leave longer ones for the opposite end for the most spectacular effects. Make sure that the gap between the real lashes and the fake ones are even so that they look most natural. At the outer end you can position a cluster of lashes or a couple of clusters for that attractive sultry look.

The method for application of these lashes is the same as strip lashes except that you take each one at a time, apply the glue and position it where your natural lashes are sparse. Always start applying individual lashes from the outer corner of the eye and work your way inwards.

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