How to Apply Lip Liner, Lipstick and Lip Gloss

After a woman’s eyes her lips usually draw the most attention. Good lip makeup such as a well applied lip liner, a good color lipstick and a flattering lip gloss can really liven up your whole face and give it a sultry and fetching look. However, like eye makeup, lip makeup too is tricky as there is always the danger of going overboard given the small area of application.

Having said that, lip makeup is not all about colorful pouts, instead it is about filling in the right lip color in the right way so you don’t end up with very artificial looking lips. Here are a few step by step suggestions to make your task easier and fun.

How to apply lip liner

To begin with, always apply all your face makeup and eye makeup, leaving your lip makeup for last. This is because if you do it first, there are always chances that your hand may brush against your lips, staining your hands and removing all your lipstick. It is also easier to choose the right lip color after you’ve chosen your eye makeup and blush color.

Start your lip makeup by applying a lip liner. There are many shades of lip liners available on the market. To play safe, go with a shade that is the natural color of your lips or matches the shade of your lipstick. Many women who are into punk and Goth styles actually use black or deep blue or darker shades of lip liners as these help them look different and dramatic

How to apply lipstick

The next step is applying lipstick. There are two general ways of doing this. One, you can directly tilt the lipstick out of its case and apply it or you could use a delicate lipstick brush and use it to paint the lipstick onto your lips. If you use a lip brush you will get a nice even coat of lipstick, and therefore it is always recommended you use one.

How to apply lip gloss

After your lipstick has dried and rested, use a lip gloss to make them look fuller and softer. Lip glosses generally come in transparent or light, pastel shades as they are designed to go on top of your lipstick to give it a refined shine and polish. However, a good quality, fruity flavored lip gloss can be used on nude lips as well, to just bring out the real color of your lips or just lend them a slight pinkish tint.

How to ensure your lipstick stays on for long

The trick to making your lipstick last the whole day is in layering your lip balm, liner, lip color and gloss well so that it is even all throughout and smooth. It is generally unevenly applied lipstick that comes off the first chance it gets and gets transferred to anything you get near your mouth.

How to apply lip liner and lipstick on different shaped lips

Just like no two pairs of eyes are of the same shape and size, so is the case with your lips. Women have different shaped lips and often a combination of two lip shapes even. In such cases the upper lip maybe really broad but the lower lip will be really thin, or in some case both lips will be equally thin. This is where well applied lip makeup can make a world of difference to the way your lips look and feel.

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