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Hontech’s agricultural lighting solutions excel for a range of farm needs.

Founded in 2009, Hontech Wins specializes in durable and customizable LED lighting systems for various agricultural applications. With over a decade of expertise developing agricultural lighting products, the company caters to the unique needs of poultry farms, pig farms, mushroom cultivation facilities and dairy cattle operations.

Tailored Poultry and Livestock Lighting

Hontech Wins‘ agricultural lighting portfolio includes IP67 rated LED tubes, bulbs and light bars in both 230VAC and 48VDC configurations. Their Hontech poultry lights and livestock lights feature water resistance and dust protection to withstand high-humidity and harsh environments on farms. Their dimmable lights and controllers give farmers precise control over light intensity for different growth stages of chickens, pigs and cattle.

For poultry farms, Hontech Wins offers 3000K warm white lights to promote natural circadian rhythms in chickens. They also utilize red, blue and green wavelengths to boost egg production, feed efficiency, weight gain and overall flock health. For pigs and cattle, their agricultural lights aim to maximize growth, productivity and animal wellbeing.

Proven Results Across Applications

Over the years, Hontech Wins’ tailored agricultural lighting has helped farmers across various sectors improve yield, output quality and efficiency:

  1. Poultry farms saw increased egg production, higher hatchability rates and reduced bird stress.
  2. Mushroom growers benefited from optimized mycelial growth, primordia formation and higher mushroom yields.
  3. Pig farmers noted faster weight gain and improved feed conversion ratios among piglets.
  4. Dairy cattle exhibited more relaxed behavior and higher milk production.


Hontech Wins has established itself as a leading supplier of specialized agricultural lighting solutions that help farms to enhance productivity, output, and welfare with dependable and adaptable IP67 LED lights created for the unique requirements of poultry, pigs, mushrooms, and dairy cattle.

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