How to Apply Foundation

Makeup experts and cosmetics companies have created a product called foundation. The makeup foundation, as its name suggests, is the base or foundation on which you can build yourself a new face, by adding color to it in the right places and highlighting your best features.

There are many advantages of using a foundation. Laying a good coat of foundation on your face is crucial as it promises to hold your entire eye and cheek makeup together, come sun or rain. Also, using foundation on top of your concealer is a great way to give extra coverage to those under eye dark circles, scars, acne, blemishes and uneven skin tones. It is particularly a great product for ageing women struggling to cope with fine lines, freckles, age spots and wrinkles. Ever since this particular makeup product has been introduced, its popularity and demand has increased manifold.

Choosing the right foundation

When it comes to buying the right foundation, there are two main things to consider. First, the foundation that you choose should match your skin undertone. For example, if you have a warm skin tone then you should try on foundations of shades of yellow, for cool skin tones you can try on shades of blues and pinks.

If you have a neutral skin tone, then you can try on shades of beige for a foundation. Here, it is best to never go by what someone else uses. This is because two people may have the same skin color, but they cannot have the same skin undertone, as that is something determined by numerous factors including your genetics.

Applying your foundation

When it comes to applying your chosen foundation, always begin by giving your face a light scrub, and then gently pat it dry with a clean towel. Should you want, you can follow this up with a light coat of moisturizer over your face and neck.

Women generally choose to apply their foundation in two ways. Some women, who are not inclined to do much makeup, prefer to do spot application only, in which they dab some foundation on their problem areas such as under eye circles, scars and blemishes, and go about blending it with their skin tone. While there is nothing wrong in using your foundation as a concealer, it can become tricky. In such cases, if the foundation is not blended well or if the shade of the foundation is not the same as your overall skin tone, it could make you look really absurd, to say the least.

For beginners

If you are looking to apply foundation for the first time, then it is always better to experiment with a powder or cream based foundation, as these are the easiest ones to apply. While a powder foundation needs to be brushed onto the skin in light outward strokes, a cream based foundation has to be simply glided on using a soft makeup brush that may come along with it. These are best for a novice as they are applied and removed easily. Hence, these are the best to experiment with, in terms of realizing how much foundation you actually need for your face.

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